Spring Is Coming – Start Thinking PRP Therapy

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Yes, we just finished up the annual Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But now is the time to start preparing for spring. It will not be long before the snow starts melting and the birds start singing. As a doctor or director of a medical clinic, you should be looking to spring as a way to further expand your practice. We believe the ticket for sports medicine and orthopedic practices is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Spring is an excellent time to begin offering PRP therapy, for a number of reasons. We will get to those reasons in just a minute. Before we do though, you should know that PRP therapy training is both cost-effective and rather convenient. Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute conducts regular weekend training courses at locations around the country.

Sign up for our next training course scheduled for the end of this month and you will be ready to start marketing your new services in February. Training will take place at the Westin New York Grand Central Station. Training will be offered at the end of March in Salt Lake City.

Time to Get out of the House

We promised to explain why spring is a good time to begin promoting PRP therapy, so we will start with the concept of getting out of the house. After being trapped at home during the winter, people embrace spring with a new love of the outdoors. They want to go walking, biking, exploring, and so forth. Yet some people with orthopedic problems may continue to remain housebound because getting out is too uncomfortable.

Marketing PRP therapy as a treatment for osteoarthritis and other orthopedic issues can be framed around this natural desire to get out during the spring. You can explain to patients how a uniquely tailored course of treatment can help alleviate their pain and increase their mobility. You can explain how PRP can get them out of the house and back outside doing the things they love to do.

Spring Is Baseball Season

Sports medicine practitioners have a big advantage this time of year due to the pending start of Major League Baseball’s spring training. Baseball fans who come in to the office will undoubtedly be talking about their favorite players. They will be talking about pitchers recovering from elbow injuries, including the many stars who underwent PRP injections during the off-season to get ready for spring.

In short, the start of spring training has PRP marketing built right into it. Discussions of spring training can easily lead to discussions about PRP therapy for osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, painful tendons and ligaments, and more. Sometimes all that is needed to convince someone to consider PRP is a brief discussion.

Increased Risk of Injury

The third reason spring is ideal for promoting PRP therapy is actually a combination of the previous two. In short, the increased physical activity of spring leads to the kinds of injuries that benefit most from PRP therapy. Runners just getting back into the swing of things strain muscles. Baseball players injure their shoulders and arms. Tennis players put stress on their elbows and hips.

Even people who don’t play sports can inadvertently injure themselves in the early days of spring. It’s not hard to pull a muscle or damage a ligament doing something like cleaning the gutters or pulling weeds in the garden. The simple fact of the matter is that spring exercise can be taxing on a body that has been out of shape during the winter. This is the time of year when PRP therapy can become the centerpiece of your practice.

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