PRP Bringing Men to Aesthetic Medicine

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The Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute goes beyond mere procedural training to include additional training for doctors and clinics looking for ways to successfully market stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies. They come to us to learn the mechanics of the procedures, but we also teach them how to introduce those procedures to their patients.

For the purposes of aesthetic medicine, that means reaching out to both men and women alike. Some doctors find this surprising given that we do not normally associate aesthetic medicine with the average American male. But things are changing; aesthetic medicine is beginning to attract more men. A big draw is PRP treatments for hair loss.

Male pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia are two things men have struggled with since the beginning of time. Losing one’s hair can be stressful at the very least; it can be emotionally and socially devastating in the worst cases. Over the years, men have turned to everything from toupees to weaves and transplants in hopes of addressing their baldness. But thanks to PRP therapy, they now have an alternative that many men consider the best option.

Welcome to the Office

Aesthetic physicians are the doctors we used to call ‘plastic surgeons’ in the old days. These physicians are welcoming larger numbers of men to the office as time goes on. Interestingly enough, their male patients are showing tremendous interest in all sorts of aesthetic procedures. Some of those procedures make use of autologous PRP and stem cells.

According to one Utah aesthetic physician interviewed by Good4Utah, PRP treatments for hair loss rank among the top five procedures men are interested in. The list also included Botox, Kybella, chemical peels, and hydrafacials. It would appear as though the modern man wants to combat the effects of aging just like his female counterparts and is willing to do so with aesthetic medicine.

We cannot speak to any of the aesthetic procedures not related to regenerative medicine. But we can say there is a growing interest throughout the medical community in the application of PRP therapy for hair loss and facial rejuvenation. Doctors are coming to us for PRP training so that they can return to their communities and start offering the procedures to patients.

Because It Works

We really aren’t surprised that more men are embracing the idea of PRP injections, especially for hair loss. The fact is, it just works. A study released back in 2014 showed that PRP injections are effective for treating androgenetic alopecia without any concerns of negative side effects. The study compared the use of autologous PRP material against FDA approved procedures.

In a 2016 discussion transcribed and published by the Zwivel blog, a group of aesthetic physicians talked about their successes and failures utilizing regenerative medicine for various procedures. One particular doctor talked about a 70% success rate when treating male pattern baldness with autologous PRP injections.

Men have been turning to medical science for decades in hopes of addressing their hair loss issues. That’s not new. What is new is the fact that they no longer have to settle for unflattering toupees or hair growth drugs that could have unpleasant side effects. They don’t have to undergo hair replacement surgeries either.

Men are discovering that PRP injections can help restore lost hair by stimulating follicles to do what they are supposed to do. We understand that PRP injections do not work for every patient, but they do work for significant percentage of them. As a result, more men are visiting their local aesthetic physicians in hopes of finally getting back their hair.

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