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We pride ourselves in providing regenerative medicine training courses that help physicians take their practices to the next level.

“There’s a lot of collaboration at this conference. There’s a lot of time for interactions. The groups are small.

I have been to many other regenerative medicine conferences over the past several years, none of them are as effective as the Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute conferences in providing the attendee with tools and the information they need. “

-Aaron Calodney, MD

“These are people who are well-known in academic circles for all of their expertise. These are people who have published and well-known in medical literature.

This particular meeting, I think, was drilled down to topics that are most relevant […], some conferences can be too scattered, too broad, […] very well put together”

-John Swicegood, MD

“This course is a turn key course, not only do you get the scientific, didactic, literature review, […] you actually get the nuts and bolts to make it happen”

-Melanie Firmin, MD

“Coming for one visit, I don’t think is enough, there’s so much to learn, so each time I come back I am extremely happy with what I’m taking back to my practice.”

-Ricky Tubbs, DO

“From the lectures and the scientific literature backing up the regenerative medicine process and the different procedures that were being taught here I thought were excellent.”

-Jennifer Cronin, MD

“Using live model, real patient procedures, in combination with the cadaver was very well organized and very different than other courses that I’ve taken. It’s usually one or the other…”

 -Dante Oriente, MD