Available Libraries

Advanced Regenerative Medicine Institute offers a regenerative medicine curriculum for online courses offers a comprehensive educational experience that encompasses the discovery, development, and delivery of next-generation patient management modalities targeted to address the root cause of disease.

Regenerative Medicine Training Course Library

Ultrasound Training
A hands-on ultrasound training will cover diagnostic and procedural techniques used in interventional pain, musculoskeletal, and regenerative medicine. Specialists will also be demonstrating these techniques and providing instructions while injecting live patients.
Business Lectures
These lectures are vital in understanding the relationship between cash-pay services and your current business structure. Details on operations, billing, and marketing will be illustrated through presentations and case studies.
ARMI Library
Each attendee at an ARMI training course will be provided with access to a library of case studies, lectures, white papers, as well as all the information presented at the course.
Cadaver Workshop
A hands-on cadaver workshop is provided for physicians to practice and improve techniques. This workshop allows physicians to feel confident in performing regenerative therapies upon returning to their clinic. ** Only available at Salt Lake City courses**
Hands-On PRP Processing
A hands-on PRP workshop provides each attendant the practice and knowledge of how PRP is obtained. Step-by-step instructions are provided to train physicians on how to obtain a highly concentrated PRP injectate.
Marketing Tips
Our training courses provide an in-depth presentation on marketing strategies that have proven to be effective in promoting regenerative therapies, acquiring new patients, and expanding practices. Marketing specialists will be available throughout the course to answer questions, demonstrate examples of marketing strategies, and provide resources.
Aesthetics Training Course
The use of regenerative medicine is rapidly growing in aesthetics and has proven to be much more effective than traditional treatments. Specialists will provide instruction on the use of regenerative medicine for aesthetic applications through lectures and live patient cases. Attendees can expect to learn the science, the treatments available, how to perform these therapies, and the business steps to implement regenerative medicine into a practice or medi spa.