EVOLVE 2021 Conference Agenda

Friday, September 24th, 6pm - 8pm

Registration / Cocktail Networking Event Included with Registration

Saturday, September 25th, 8am - 5pm
George Chang Chien, DO – Welcome
Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD – The Win Within: Capturing Your Victorious Spirit
Don Buford, MD – The Latest in Research for Regenerative Medicine
Don Buford, MD – Non-Surgical Regenerative Hip Interventions
Jen-Li Pan, MD – Injectable Scaffolds in Regenerative Medicine Pain Interventions: A Clinicians Perspective
George Chang Chien, DO – Treating the Functional Unit
Andrea Trescot, MD – Prolotherapy: Everything Old is New Again
Arnold Caplan, PhD – MSCs are Medicinal (not Stem Cells)
Arnold Caplan, PhD – The New Age of Cell-Based Theory
George Chang Chien, DO – Award Recognition – Arnold Caplan, PhD
Track 1
Rosenthal Rosenthal, MD & Joel Baumgartner, MD – BMA Technique Under Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound
Sudhir Diwan, MD – Technical Aspects of Cervical Regenerative Medicine Injections
Aaron Calodney, MD – Epidural Use of Regenerative Medicine for Radiculopathy
Bert R. Mandelbaum, MD – Treating Sports Injuries with Regenerative Medicine
Stanley Lam, MBBS, MSc, MScSEM,
MScSMHS, RMSK, CIPS, FIPPs – US Guided Intradiscal Injections: US- Assisted Intraosseous Regenerative Injection Therapy
Track 2
Matthew Peterson, MD – Quality Lead Generation for Regenerative Medicine
Joel Baumgartner, MD Sexual Health: How to Maximize Gains from PRP, Supplements and Peptides. Feel Like You Are 20 Again!
Debra Durst, MD – Hair Restoration with Regenerative Medicine
Christy Davies, MBA – How to 10X Your Practice & Build Patient Loyalty by Adding Additional Revenue Streams
Round Table Discussion with Experts-Discuss Specific Topics in a Small Group Setting
Sunday, September 26th, 8am - 5pm
Richard Rosenthal, MD – FDA Updates
Joel Baumgartner, MD – Optimizing Outcomes: Biohacking (Nutrition, Supplements, Technology-ECSWT, Peptides)
Matt Murphy, PhD – Maximizing PRP
Michael Bellio, PhD – The Future of Allograft Products in Regenerative Medicine
Track 1
Aaron Calodney, MD – Regenerative Medicine & Bio Chemistry of Degenerative Disc Disease
Jeimylo De Castro, MD – A2M and Peripheral Nerve Entrapments
Matthew Peterson, MD – Pre and Post Treatment Protocol
Ameet Nagpal, MD – Physical Exam and Dynamic Ultrasound Evaluation of the Shoulder
Tami Meraglia, MD – How to Optimize the Stem Cell Microenvironment: Hormones, Supplements, Sleep, Meditation
Track 2
Debra Durst, MD – PRP Facials
George Chang Chien, DO – PRP Facials
Track 1
Sadiq Bhayani, MD – Lower Extremity Nerve Entrapments and Hydrodissections
Andrea Trescot, MD – Practical Regenerative Medicine Advice for a Private Practice
Sudhir Diwan, MD – Intradiscal Allogenic and Autologous Stem Cells
Track 2
Garrett Ewers, CIO – Testimonial Power
Garrett Ewers, CIO – How to Increase Conversions and Grow Your Regenerative Appointments
Christy Davies, MBA – The Business of Medicine in 2021: What the Pandemic Taught Us
Live Patient Demos and Panel Discussion